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Multipoint Conference System
With Sony’s HD video conferencing solutions, there is now little difference between 10 minutes on foot and 10 hours by plane. You can stay connected, no matter where you are and exchange information across time zones instantly. You can also simplify decision-making processes with incredible ease.

Suitable for a wide range of industries such as healthcare, government, education, broadcast, financial, corporate, videoconferencing offers real-time conveniences to reduce waiting time and increase productivity. With Sony’s multi-point videoconferencing system, you can optimise system efficiency as you manage discussion and input from multiple sites. The Multi-Control Unit (MCU) also supports simultaneous multi-point videoconferencing solutions. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a growing business, there is an ideal Sony videoconferencing solution for you.

Multipoint videoconferencing enables doctors from different countries to share teaching materials with more impact, relevance and immediacy. An example of tele-medicine is Siriraj, e primary teaching hospital of the Faculty of Medicine within Mahidol University in Bangkok. Find out
how Sony helped the hospital enhance learning with other medical facilities.

Fast response times and sharp streaming video quality improve responsiveness and real-time productivity. For example, Sony helped the Indonesian legal system cut down administrative costs through multi-point videoconferencing. This innovation ensured continuous contact during multi-point calls for effective communication. Find out how Sony connected prosecutors from various regions to the capital city to streamline the decision-making process.

With exceptional immediacy and interactivity, videoconferencing helps create active learning environments. As distance learning and satellite campuses gain popularity around the world, it is crucial to seize every opportunity build excellent e-learning hubs. Clear, natural-sounding stereo enables “real” interactions in teaching, as if you were attending lectures face-to-face in the same room. Find out how the Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training linked up with multi-media classrooms at 46 universities across the country with Sony’s multipoint videoconferencing systems.

The most obvious benefit of videoconferencing is enabling business executives to communicate effectively without traveling. While saving time and money, these devices help implement decisions quickly. Find out how Sony helped one of Asia’s fastest growing economies drive for results across a region.
In a world of phone calls, e-mails and faxes, Sony offers face-to-face HD connections via multi-points calls around the globe, every time, real-time.

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