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Labris WAUTH+ Hotspot Authentication
As is the case with the internet you provide, there must be limitations on who can access and use your wireless service or public computer laboratory. In public networks such as hotel, cafe, restaurant, university campus, college laboratories with varying users, you may need to offer access with greatest possible protection and authentication. Labris WAUTH+ is a HotSpot module helps to authorize and manage the guest wireless users. System can log all access by ID no, password, and IP/MAC matching. You can also define time limited internet access.

- Authentication through User Info – MAC matching
- Multiple authentication methods at the same time (Active Directory, SMS Authentication, Hotel Management Software, LDAP, Reception-Type etc..)
- Common Key protection (double layer) for SMS authentication *
- Time-based authentication
- Mobile payment usage without any procedure and application *
- Authentication By-Pass option for permanent users
- Authentication for branch office users connected the HQ through IPSec VPN and MPLS VPN
- Authentication method activation/deactivation option.

Management Feature
- Time/Bandwidth quote definition for users
- Effective bandwidth management support
- Modifiable “Welcome” page independent from the browser used
- Web based GUI management
- Browser-based multilanguage support
- Lawful compliance support (Timestamp, on-device logging) *
- User-based policy creation
- “Sign Out” option for authenticated users
- User monitoring and instant management (cut off the user internet with one click)
- Multiple network authentication for the user

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