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Zimbra Community Features
Today’s online communities demand a broad feature set with the flexibility to quickly deploy and easily customize functionality to meet the specific needs of your community. Zimbra Community offers a comprehensive set of features based on our deep experience in over 5,000 of the world’s leading online communities.
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Social Suite

  • A full suite of social applications including: blogs, microblogs, wikis, forums, media galleries, photo and video embedding, event calendars, tags and tag clouds, WYSIWYG content editing, web pages and more
  • Social networking tools including: people search, people profiles, friending, activity streams, events, polls, commenting, liking, notifications, @mentions, hashtags, RSS and more
  • Ability to locate expertise through advanced Q&A tracking and reporting, content reputation and quality scoring, badging and points
  • Message center featuring instant messaging, presence and real-time alerts for friend requests, feedback, answers to questions and other important community activities

Social Ideation

  • Lightweight social ideation workflow where community members can pose challenges, suggest ideas and vote on their favorites
  • Real-time status updates for information on how ideas are being implemented
  • Integration with powerful 3rd party tools such as InnovationCast for end-to-end innovation management, which adds: project management, analytics and reporting



Social Analytics

  • Analytics for community health, vitality, responsiveness, crowdsourcing effectiveness, participation and content that can be customized & shared anywhere in the community
  • Dynamic content recommendations that connect people to the content they need quickly and tailored network suggestions that help build their personal networks
  • Email digests that are personalized with content recommendations to keep people better connected
  • Built with Big Data in mind; Zimbra Analytics data has been designed to make it easy to integrate with business intelligence systems

Community Anywhere, Any Device

  • Modern user experience featuring a responsive design that automatically adjusts the screen size to reflect the device size; supports all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, and all modern devices
  • Mobile-first web experience featuring elements specific to smartphones and tablets, such as tap-based interfaces, that improve performance and function for mobile community users
  • Full-featured mobile applications for Android and iOS devices that support automatic push notifications, easy delivery to end users via app store (iOS App Store and Google Play) as well as through Mobile Device Management for enterprise deployments




Community Management and Administration

  • Ensure privacy and control of your data by running your community on your own premises, or at a trusted partner
  • Support for groups and subgroups (microsites) that feature configurable themes, layouts, roles and permissions
  • Basic moderation as well as advanced moderation capabilities for auto-moderation, word and phrase filtering and user banning
  • Configurable permissions for managing security and access requirements
  • Reputation management system including crowdsourced abuse reporting; extensible abuse management and reporting



  • Pre-built integration with Sitecore for web content management, for customer relationship management, Microsoft SharePoint for document management and support for custom integration with other enterprise software applications
  • Social network authentication, Oauth and SSO support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, Google, Active Directory and custom solutions
  • Email integration with all major email servers with support for activity notifications, site-wide emails and daily or weekly digests
  • Support for localization of all unicode and double-byte characters and right-to-left languages; language packs for system translation in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese; plus support for dynamic translation of user-generated content in all languages supported by Lionbridge (GeoFluent) integration.

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