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It is crucial to have reliable Internet connectivity in order to keep your business always connected to the cloud as most of your customers do business on the cloud nowadays. In addition, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is widely used and increasingly popular as more global businesses emerge. Any delay or disruption of Internet connectivity and link failure between headquarters can cause a certain degree of loss on business opportunity or even business reputation.


Q-Balancer offers assured and accelerated connectivity and productivity to enterprise customers. It enhances bandwidth utilization to achieve highest link performance by efficiently aggregating traffic across the low-cost ADSL connections. To experience the accelerated Internet access in cost-effective way without waiting for infrastructure upgrade, Q-Balancer is definitely an ideal solution for you. The main features of Q-Balancer are: Transparent Link Failover, Outbound Load Balancing, Inbound Load Balancing, Link Bonding, Cellular Bonding, VPN Resiliency, VPN Bonding, VPN Tunnel Routing, MPLS Load Balancing, Policy-based Routing, Data Compression, Web Caching, Quality of Service (QoS), Application Prioritization, Logging and Reporting, Security, Global Server Load Balancing, High Availability & Reliability, Virtualization, Centralized Management, IPv6 Ready, etc.



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