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Cyberoam’s Multiple Link Management supports WAN redundancy and delivers assured WAN availability and reliable connectivity.

With Cyberoam’s management of WAN connectivity, organizations have assured access to business applications involved in collaboration, Cloud and SaaS deployments. It optimizes multiple links, delivering ROI and minimizing overload.

Feature Feature Description Benefit
Automated Load Balancing
Automatically distributes traffic over multiple links
Weighted round robin load balancing of links
Supports routing of traffic based on speed and cost of WAN link
Ensures optimal usage of WAN links
Lowers capital expense involved in high-cost links
Delivers high ROI
Layer 8 Identity-based Routing
Defines routing path based on
  - User
  - Source
  - IP
  - Protocol
Balances network load
Assured QoS to applications and users
Automatic Link Failover
Automatic detection of failed WAN link and routing to working link
Multiple test methods to detect failure to reach applications, Eg. Inventory Management, ERP, CRM – Detects outages at gateway and along the path of WAN link
Continuous service and application availability
Wireless WAN Technologies
Supports configuration of 3G and WiMAX as back-up or primary links
Creates WAN redundancy
Eliminates the risk of wireline outages
Provides security where wireline connectivity may not be available

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