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With The Edge Access Control

The EdgeXOS platforms' network access control enables administrators to easily detect, organize, and manage all of their network resources. Quickly scan the network for new devices, label new users or use our MS Active Directory module (coming soon) to automatically bind users to devices on the network. Monitor devices and know when they are up or down, and control access for devices attempting to connect to the Internet.

User/Device Management & Authorization
Organize users and devices, assign descriptions and groups. Tie network reporting to user names instead of IP addresses. When used with the Authorization module end-user access to the Internet can be controlled based on their assigned usernames/passwords. Authorized end-users can then be tracked via the web filtering module.

Automated Device Identification
Don't know which IP addresses are assigned to which users? Not sure which devices have which IP addresses? Not too worry, our automated identifier will probe your network and automatically identify active IP addresses and attempt to determine the device type. This information can be used to automatically populate the User/Device Management table.

Continuous Network Monitoring
Once your network devices have been identified the administrator can choose which devices they wish to monitor on an ongoing basis. With monitoring enabled a log of when devices are up or down can be used to identify when users are on the network or if a critical server has gone down. Other information that is tracked includes latency, last down time, and packet loss.

NetsweeperTM WebSite Content Filtering
Control end-user access to various web content with our built-in Netsweeper content filtering module. With platform maintenance customers can control which categories of website customers can access and which are denied. Per user licensing is also available for an additional fee.

Layer-Seven Firewall
Incorporated into the Edge platform is a sophisticated layer-7 stateful inspection firewall with built-in keyword filtering and packet based inspection capabilities. Unlike some firewall products the Edge is rules-based, meaning that it is very flexible in terms of developing a layered security policy.

Firewall Logging
With the ability to enable logging on any rule the Edge SPI firewall provides an excellent tool for troubleshooting network connections and viewing packet captures. These logs can also be exported via syslog reporting.


Without The Edge Access Control

While many products offer generic network access control, few have included the advanced protections and capabilities of the EdgeXOS platform. Our core competencies in traffic management provide for greater network control and our partnersips with top security vendors like NetsweeperTM deliver a comprehensive solution.

Who's Doing What?
Without the ability to connect end-users to IP addresses any network report becomes somewhat meaningless. Random bursts of traffic can slow or even stop a network from working properly and without a good set of tools the network administrator will never know what is happening.

Unknown Network Devices
In many network environments devices are added and removed all of the time. Without a method to automaitcally identify those devices a network administrator would be unable to diagnose problems when newly added devices begin to send unauthorized data over the network.

Unauthorized Web Access
Organizations face potential liability by allowing open access to the Internet, enable unwanted software downloads, and enhance the odds of being infected by network born viruses.

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