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Using a comprehensive attack library, VampireScan assesses risks in Cloud and Web applications. VampireScan’s Patented Technology goes beyond signature-based security techniques by assessing application risk while the application is in production.  Utilizing behavioral design and a non-signature based approach, VampireScan’s application risk assessments are highly-effective and provides the highest accuracy rate with the lowest false positives finding more ‘real’ vulnerabilities.


Each category is loaded with thousands of attacks that are applied depending on what Vulnerabilities are found as your web application responds to our Behavioral Scan. Once our scan completes, you are provided a complete report of all vulnerabilities found along with the associated Exploits, Risk to your Site/Company as well as remediation Tips and Advice.  Our scan is a PCI ASV and once you have resolved key vulnerabilities and ‘pass’ our Scan, you can show compliance of your Web Application for PCI 6.6.  

Our Attack database is updated 52 times per year with the latest attack vendors, exploits and vulnerabilities. Our Application Scanning Technologies will keep you informed in ways never possible before. Leveraging our Online, Cloud-based Scanning Technology, you avoid:

·         Costly Servers and Hardware

·         Full-time Employees to Conduct Manual Scans

·         Costly software Licenses

·         Confusing Reports

·         Wasted Time and Money

With the VampireScan technology, you do not have to be a Software Security Guru to use our solutions.  Our easy to use online portal will simply ask you for the URL of your web application and from there, VampireScan does the rest.


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