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Site2Site VPN Reliability

Secure, resilient, responsive, are just a few adjectives used to describe our site-to-site solutions. Optimize WAN performance while obtaining 99.999% uptime for remote and branch office users with our secure (3DES encryption) and fully meshed site-to-site tunnel technology.

Network Access Control

Identify, Track, and Manage network users as they access web-based resources on the Internet. The EdgeXOS platform provide organizations with the ability to manage users and devices on their network and track their usage

QoS & Rate Shaping

Delivering real-time Quality of Service means dynamically adjusting to bandwidth needs as demand dictates. With real-time QoS the Edge platform is able to smooth out application performance and improve application responsiveness through bandwidth segmentation, Diffserv marking and packet prioritization.

WAN Link Balancing

Our link load balancing capabilities allows for Internet sessions to be balanced across multiple WAN links which enables faster connectivity for end-users and increases the overall bandwidth available to the network. Link balancing has advantages in that it does not utilize as many system resources and allows for dynamic route manipluation in order to optimize WAN utilization.


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