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OpenServer X is the mature and proven 64-bit operating system to support your most critical line of business applications, yet is affordably priced to host all computing needs. It supports the latest hardware platforms and peripherals and contains even more of the high performance, scalability and reliability features that you have come to expect from Xinuos™. A range of new features provides increased security, more application options and flexibility and enhances the usability of OpenServer X™. Xinuos OpenServer X™ is the new edition targeted to all businesses alike, from small to large enterprises, that need an All-in-One affordable server platform for supporting multiple uses such as edge of network services, mail, web, file and print servers needed by a small business or to run larger business environments. OpenServer X is the right choice for companies who place a high value on the performance, scalability, reliability and security inherent in UNIX® technology-based systems and need the more affordable option of commodity servers.


Additional Value in the Most Popular OS

The default configurations of OpenServer X have been redefined to provide even greater value to grow your business. As an All-in-One offering, OpenServer X is the continuation and consolidation of all previous Xinuos product families, SCO OpenServer® 5 & 6 and SCO UnixWare® 7.

Enhanced Web-based Administration

The new Web-based graphical administration (Xadmin) will ease overall system administration and operation with easy to understand functions to manage all aspects of OpenServer X. System Administrators can use Xadmin locally or remotely to manage users, groups, network, storage, applications, including updates, and monitor the system’s health.

More Choices for Applications

By default, OpenServer X supports the FreeBSD® Ports and Packages Collection, which offers a simple way for users and administrators to install applications. Paid support give access to the exclusive Xinuos Application Collection, a subset of the FreeBSD Ports and Packages Collection thoroughly tested by Xinuos and continuously updated with new applications once tested by Xinuos. Customers can instantly take advantage of a new application, as soon as it is available in the FreeBSD or Xinuos Collection.

Simple Installation

A simple and graphical installation is provided to facilitate installation.

Support for New Hardware

Xinuos works closely with its OEM partners to ensure that OpenServer X tracks the direction of the major OEM suppliers.

Enhanced Usability Features

OpenServer X includes by default several key functions to enhance the user experience and provide more user options, amongst others:

Internet services. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) find OpenServer X ideal, running WWW, FTP, email, and other services. Ready-to-run software like the nginx or Apache web server and the ProFTPD or vsftpd FTP servers make it easy to set up a business or community-centered ISP. Of course, with OpenServer X unbeatable networking, users will enjoy high speed, reliable services.

Graphical workstation. From an inexpensive X terminal to an advanced X display, OpenServer X works faultlessly. The latest drm2 driver provides support for AMD GPUs up to the Radeon HD 6000 series and provides partial support for the Radeon HD 7000 family. nVidia offers native drivers for their high-performance graphics hardware, and the industry standard Motif® and OpenGL® libraries are supported. The Xfce graphical desktop is provided by default. Other graphical desktops such as KDE and GNOME are also available to install. All industry-standard office suites such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice.Org and TextMaker are included by default.

Remote Access: users can connect remotely to OpenServer X using OpenSSH, included by default, which encrypts all traffic (including username and password) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other network-level attacks. Additionally, TCP/IP connections can be tunneled or forwarded securely through SSH connections.

Net surfing: OpenServer X versions of Chromium, Firefox and Opera are available for serious web users.

Education and research: OpenServer X makes an excellent research platform because it includes complete source code. Students and researchers of operating systems or other computer science fields can benefit greatly from such an open and well-documented system.

Business: Accounting, MIS databases, scientific visualization, video conferencing, Internet relay chat (IRC), home automation, knowledge management, image scanning and document management are all real uses for OpenServer X available today.

OpenServer X Kernel Personality

The monolithic kernel is designed as modules, which can easily be loaded and unloaded. Some of its key features include:

OpenZFS: a world leading file system which allow destroy operations to happen in the background, make snapshots consume less disk space, and offers a better compression algorithm for compressed datasets.

Accounting: per-process, per-jail, and per-login class resource accounting information.

TCP/IP network stack supports pluggable congestion control framework: This allows TCP congestion control algorithms to be implemented as dynamically loadable kernel modules.

USB subsystem: Supports USB packet filter.

OpenServer X Key Features

Firewalls: OpenServer X includes IPFW and IPFilter, as well as a modified version of the popular packet filters with improved SMP performance, allowing network administrators to simulate adverse network conditions, including latency, jitter, packet loss and limited bandwidth.

Security includes access control lists (ACLs), security event auditing, extended file system attributes, mandatory access controls (MAC) and fine-grained capabilities. Based on the requirements of the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation, security is continuously upgraded with the support of DARPA, NSA, Network Associates Laboratories, Safeport Network Services, the University of Pennsylvania, Yahoo!, McAfee Research, SPARTA, Apple Computer, nCircle Network Security, Google, the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and others•. It also include NSA's FLASK/TE implementation and OpenBSM, an open source implementation of Sun's Basic Security Module (BSM) API and audit log file format.

Jails are a lightweight alternative to virtualization. Allowing processes to be restricted to a namespace with access only to the file systems and network addresses assigned to that namespace. Jails are also hierarchical, allowing jails-within-jails.

Linux emulation provides a system call translation layer that allows unmodified Linux binaries to be run on OpenServer X.

Network virtualization: a container is available, extending OpenServer X to maintain multiple independent instances of networking state.

bhyve: A new BSD licensed, legacy-free hypervisor. It is currently able to run all supported versions of Xinuos previous operating systems, from OpenServer 5 to UnixWare 7. Customers on these systems can continue to run their applications on the most performant hardware available today.

Application installation and updates: Xadmin is based on a world-class application management system that supports signed packages to offer safe upgrades from FreeBSD or Xinuos Collections. More than 23,000 third party applications can be easily installed and run on OpenServer X.

Unmapped I/O: The implementation of unmapped VMIO buffers eliminates the need to perform costly TLB shutdowns for buffer creation and reuse, reducing system CPU time by up to 25-30% on large SMP machines under heavy I/O load.

OpenServer X Application Development

OpenServer X contains amongst others industry-standard C and C++ compilers as well as all other leading languages that enable the rapid development of applications. Other key development tools include:

  • Extensive Java development.
  • Enhanced math library.
  • Enhanced graphical debugger.
  • Diagnostics of dynamic memory allocation errors.
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