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Enterprise-Class Application Security

One of the biggest threats for online businesses, large and small, is that of security risks in web applications. The fact is, hackers are constantly probing the Web for vulnerabilities. dotDefender is a web application security solution (a Web Application Firewall, or WAF) that offers b, proactive security for your websites and web applications. dotDefender can handle .NET Security issues.

·  Enterprise-class security against known and emerging hacking attacks

·  Solutions for Hosting, Enterprise and SMB/SME

·  Supports multiple platforms and technologies - IIS, Apache, Cloud ...

·  Central Management console for easy control over multiple dotDefender installations

·  Open API for integration with management platforms and other applications

Robust Security for Any Web Application

dotDefender protects any web site or web service on your server, and continues to as you update, change, and expand your code. The dotDefender WAF reduces the costs of code scanning, and enables you to focus on business, not web application security. dotDefender can handle .NET Security issues.

Why Application Security?

If you thought that network security and other "traditional security measures" were enough - think again. Web Application Firewalls deal with security attacks aimed squarely at your website, and these attacks are on the rise. Read more on Web Application Firewalls and the dotDefender security solution. Able to handle .NET Security issues.

How Does it Work?

dotDefender uses a number of engines to detect and prevent hacking attacks, including Pattern Recognition, a Signature Knowledgebase, Data Leakage Protection (DLP), and Upload Inspection.



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