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dotDefender Central Management

Centralized Web Security Tools

Central Web Security - Central Management

dotDefender Central Management (CM) enables organizations to centrally manage and view application security events on multiple cross-platform web servers through an effective and easy to use interface. Web hosting companies and corporate businesses with large Web environments use Central Management to generate reports on attacks, set security configuration changes simultaneously across multiple server environments, and generate charts and report data instantly.

·  Centralized Web application security management

·  Automate repetitive tasks with ease

·  Real time monitoring & control across multiple environments

·  Configure web application security policies centrally without disrupting web services

·  Extend and Connect with existing services via the Central Management API

Central Management Architecture

Central Management is comprised of three decoupled components:

  • Container - MS-SQL server to be contacted locally or over TCP/IP
  • Windows Service - installed on the machine that will poll the dotDefender web servers
  • GUI - A web-based interface
dotDefender Central Management communicates with dotDefender for IIS or Apache in the following manner:

  • A Windows service residing on the CM server frequently polls the web servers using XML over HTTP Post requests
  • The dotDefender ISAPI filter intercepts the above-mentioned requests and treats them as CM-issued commands
  • The operations required by CM are carried out using the ISAPI filter, with a success indication sent as a response back to CM
  • All information called back into CM is serialized as XML messages, and optionally encrypted using an SSL tunnel over the standard HTTP session
Once it reaches CM, the data is converted into SQL queries to be sent into the MS-SQL server The dashboard / central log viewer crafts SQL queries according to the users' filtering/searching preference, and graphically displays the data


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