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This compact indoor enclosure is part of the Open-Mesh Modular WiFi Mesh Platform and has been designed for the OM2P-LC and OM2P-HS access points. The access point is completely hidden inside, with only the lights showing through. It can attach to 9/16" and 15/16" drop ceiling rails, and can also be mounted on any solid wall or ceiling using the enclosed mount. The case adjusts to three heights, tool-free.

To install, simply use the correct clips for either 9/16" or 15/16" drop ceiling rails, clip them in at your preferred height, add an access point and clip into place. To mount on a standard ceiling or wall, attach the 15/16" clips to the case and attach the wall/ceiling mount to the wall. Drop in an access point and clip the case into place.

UL 94 HB flammability rated and Rohs compliant.

Dimensions: D=3.3 to 4.5cm, W=15.9cm

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