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VampireTech, Inc., an EC-Council innovation!  Created to detect vulnerabilities in Cloud and Web Applications and defend our customer’s sensitive information from Hackers!

In 2012, the idea of VampireTech was formulated by 2 of the pioneering creators of the world-renowned information security training and certification company, EC-Council; Sanjay Bavisi and Haja Mohideen.  EC-Council is considered the world’s largest technical certification company for information security professionals.  EC-Council delivers information security programs and certifications in over 80 Countries with over 200,000 Certified Information Security professionals globally.  

In their Quest for disseminating highly technical and complex security solutions to both government institutions and corporations, including the defense community, the founders stumbled upon some technology they felt would benefit their communities and membership.  This technology is considered a world-class application that detects vulnerabilities in Cloud and Web Applications.  The technology is the first known application of it’s kind that requires no installation or security expert to execute and is all cloud-based.  Used effectively, the technology can help ward off and protect sensitive information from Hackers.

Vampiretech is currently leading the world Information security pyramid by being a “one stop shop” for entire information security solutions, managed services and consultation. With the most robust and state of the art tools, renowned and professed consultants and widely tested and proven methodology, it leads organizations via a complete transformation from their current state to a future secured state.

What We Do


VampireTech is a one-stop security solutions company.  Until now, the best of breed security solutions remained at the enterprise level.  High cost of ownership, highly skilled staff and deep security engagements were required to protect applications and websites from vulnerabilities and Hackers. VampireTech has come along to change the industry, one customer, one website and one application at a time.  

VampireTech offers simplified solutions driven by global and leading technologies that are both virtual and cloud-based.  Our world-class solutions for Cloud and Web Application Security, as well as a full suite of Professional and Managed Services offers our customers access not only to best-in-class technology, but a team of security experts that have been both trained and certified by EC-Council.  Our broad knowledge and expertise stems from our origins of the founding team.



VampireTech solutions scale from a single application to enterprise-level deployments with cost-competitive packages that include both product and service components.  Our unique scanning tool, VampireScan, enables testing of Cloud and Web Applications virtually via a SaaS model.  VampireScan solutions comprise the best of breed commercially available technologies and integrate information security research, training and certification from world-renowned EC-Council.  

Our core technology helps organizations of all sizes protect their reputation and manage security risks in the face of malicious attacks from Hackers. VampireScan’s intelligent behavioral technology is the first of it’s kind and utilizes ‘stateful’ and ‘learning’ algorithms to ensure the highest accuracy for automated assessment of even the most complex applications.  Our engine used for VampireScan secures more than half a million online applications and trillions of dollars of commerce for Fortune 1000 companies, all major security companies, government agencies, financial institutions, universities and SMBs. Our Security Experts and ‘Tiger Team’ are some of the world’s most experienced Information Security Specialists, all trained and certified by EC-Council. VampireTech has a solution for ‘virtually’ all industries and business sectors. 

Head Office
PaxSky Building, 34A Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Ward Vo Thi Sau, Dist 3, HCMC, VietNam.
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Australia Branch
67 Blamey St. Kelvin Grove. 4059. Qld. Australia.
Tel: +61 405228992
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